Friday, February 27, 2015

Judging the Quality of Wikis and Non-vetted Sites

As far as Wikipedia goes I do allow my students to use it as a source. I ask them to trey and validate all the information they find by using multiple sources for the information that they include into their projects. I think allowing kids to use all types of sources and then try and validate that information with other sources gives  them a realistic idea of how to find credible information. In my opinion Wikipedia may not be the best source for information but it often one of the first places that people can get information from. This is something that people tend to look for when accessing information. People want the quick easy answer, therefore, I think it’s a good idea to teach students how to get quick correct information.

At my school YouTube is blocked on all student accounts. Teacher do have access to the videos placed on YouTube. I don’t allow students to use youtube videos in their projects but I do use some videos for class. I show the students the Tony Gwynn OTL video from ESPN in my health class.

Building and Refining your PLN
                This is a blog I added to my list because I follow and like their ideas on twitter. I am not sure that it counts so I did four but I figured if I like their twitter post I’ll probably enjoy their blog too.
                This blog gives technology ideas that may be useful within physical education. Obviously this is something that caught my interest.
                This blog gives a lot of ideas on getting kids especially girls involved in physical education. It also gives advice for fellow PE teachers.
                I selected this blog as I found a link to it on the Guardian website. It was under the heading of physical education blogs I should read. The blog gives lots of ideas on physical education.

I followed because I started reading his blogs

I followed him to see the PE trends in the UK

Followed to get some ideas for class

Followed him because he is a presenter at many PE conferences

Gives technology ideas for PE teachers

I feel have used the twitter tools a lot this semester. I usually seem to see ideas for class or games pop up on my timeline at least 3 or 4 times a week. The twitter ideas are not something that I have tried yet but they are something that I would like to begin to use in my classes. I think the Pinterest and Youtube things that I have added have been less useful. I do not use Pinterest or Youtube that often so that may be why I have not gotten much out of the sites. Overall I would say that the PLN things I have added have already been beneficial to me as it has gotten me interested in adding new games to my current classes. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

IT 6230 Unit 2 Blog

I currently teach at Lakeshore high school in St. Clair Shores Michigan. I teach physical education and a few sections of health. In this current trimester I am teaching more health then in the last two years. Therefore I'm going to use health as the class and lesson for my example of the Web 2.0 lessons. 
For the substitution in my health class I currently allow students to take notes using your tablet or their phone. This allows the students to have access to their notes as long as they have their phone or tablet. It also allows students to take pictures of slides that may be part of my presentation.

For the augmentation step in the SAMR model, I am going to start using the app my fitness pal as a way to track and record your weekly diet. I used to do an assignment that had the students track the food that they ate throughout a three day. They then looked at how much of each food group they ate and wrote a short essay on what they would like to change in their diet. Using the my fitness pal app, which is free on all smart phones and tablets, the students no can look up the brands of the food they eat and scan bar codes to get more accurate data for their diet. 

As for the modification step my thought is to have students began using Google Drive and Google docs as they write their research papers and do the drug PowerPoint presentation. This will make the group work and assignments easier for the students to share responsibilities within their assignment. This will also allow them to share them with me and for me to help them throughout the assignment.

After the students have done the assignment of tracking guy at using my fitness pal, I will have them write a blog using blogger. The blog will focus on explaining what they have found to be the main concerns within the normal teenage diet as well as the healthy portions of their diet. The students will use the information that they recorded using the my fitness pal app for baseline data for their block. The students will include a list of changes and reasons for making the changes to create a healthier plan of eating. Finally the students will post the blog and share the link to the blog with at least one nutrition expert by using a source like Twitter.