Tuesday, March 31, 2015

K-12 online Learning

I know a fair amount about K-12 online learning. I know that many elective classes in our building are being offered as hybrid classes. These classes have students meet once a week and then the other days are online learning days. I also know that our school uses American school as an online learning way for students to make up credits that they are behind. Online learning at our school happens on Blackboard. Similar to the way that the IT program uses it. I believe that most online learning is happening outside the “core” classes.

                I think it takes a self motivated, organized, and discipline student in order to be successful in an online environment. The students are responsible for staying on task and up to date on things that are happening in the course. The students must be organized in an effort to meet deadlines that they set within the structure of the class. The students must also take time to learn material on their own and look for additional sources in areas that they feel they may need more help or information. 

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